Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happee Burfdae to Me

Really my birthday was yesterday, but it doesn't matter because we had to delay celebrating until tonight anyway. And by celebrating I mean family, cake, and ice cream, which is about as fancy as we Toiaivaos get. 

(I tried to have a "regular" birthday party once -- my eleventh birthday, I think; a disastrous mistake. Who knew so many people would be out of town around Christmas? Or that Wild America with Jonathan Taylor Thomas would be such a wretched movie? Or that the anti-alcohol board game my sister made for a health class project would not exactly rivet people to their seats?)

Anyway, in honor of my birthday and my zodiac-loving friend Brittany (who is transferring back to her original university and will be sorely missed), I looked up my star chart

The picture, of course, means nothing to me, but the description that came with it is shockingly accurate. It accounts for my extreme introversion, my defensiveness, and many other facets of my general absurdity, but mostly I'm just glad to see some divine justification for my pathetic lack of stamina. (Quote: "you will require a lot of sleep . . . you tire out easily.") It's not because I don't exercise, Ma; it's in the stars!

Love and birthday/holiday cheer to you all,


  1. It really was freakishly accurate though! Well, mostly. I'll have to show it to you sometime.

  2. Wild America, a wretched movie?! it wasn't amazing, but it certainly wasn't as bad as How to Deal. Worst movie I've ever seen.