Monday, March 8, 2010

Low-down Dirty Dog and a Doodle

Guest Artist Ron Mazellan's Challenge:
Make an illustration based on a family motto or family saying.

My Response:
The Suck-Egg Dog

I couldn't think of any good sayings to go with my childhood except "It's kind of like a bucket of sand" (Mom's attempt to explain by creative analogy why she wouldn't let my sister go somewhere; it didn't make sense then either), which seemed too difficult to interpret, so I went with a saying from my Mom's youth, namely, "suck-egg dog!" This evidently was a base insult back in the day, but its meaning and origins are forgotten, so I felt free to devise my own interpretation: a punk bulldog, sucking eggs malevolently. (Well, smooching them, more like. I should maybe fix that.)

Also, Because I Am Proud of It:
Sketch with Ball-point Pen


  1. Miss Meg - the expression "egg-sucking dog" was one OUR parents used, actually. It's definitely country - it refers to a farm dog who becomes a liability because he gets into the hen house and eats the eggs, making him a no-good, low-down, pain in the you know where - and obviously that makes the expression a great metaphor for some people we know :-) Your work is absolutely wonderful, Miss. You are a talented little booger. I love you. Aunt Mer

  2. This is just bizarre. It also makes me happy. Nice work.

  3. I love your sketches. And your painting's mighty fine too.

  4. I like how even though the phrase is country, in the picture the dog looks more like an egg connoisseur :) xoxo love you