Monday, April 19, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?!

Phew, time flies! And I have been busy, kind of. Has it really been a month and a half since my last post?

Here are some things I've been working on. (Some of them are revisions of earlier posts.)

1. When Zombie Pilgrims Attack

Says my friend Michelle: "Puritans are already scary. But zombie Puritans? That's terrifying."

2. RIP Scotty

He passed away quite a while ago, actually. I just thought it would be cool if you beam yourself into the afterlife like it was the Starship Enterprise.

3. Suck-egg Dog

Family crest, anyone? What's the Latin for "egg-sucking dog"?

4. You Dick

Based on Greg Spalenka's college story. Greg showed a painting he was working on to his roommate, who looked at it for a bit, said something about destruction being a part of creation, and promptly threw the piece out the window, where it fell into traffic. When Greg finally retrieved the painting (bellowing "yooooou diiiiiick" all the way down two flights of stairs), he discovered he actually liked the damage.

5. Plugged In

A metaphor for "soft" addiction.

6. The Greatest Danger Could Be Your Stupidity

Inspired by a real fortune cookie fortune I found on Google Images. Sounds like a Flannery O'Connor story, doesn't it?

Now that summer is (almost) here, I should be keeping up with this blog more regularly.

Love to you all.

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  1. I was just talking to Jaime about how much I love all of your (yours and your sisters) blogs. Glad you posted again. Haha, you feel the need to sign off like i do everytime I use the video camera:)