Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haaappy Biiirthday to . . . Oh No, Wait

My grandmother turned 91 years old this week, and I wanted to be good this year, so I drew up a handmade postcard for her. Unfortunately, I drew it quite intricate and very, very small, which is a bit of a bad move when you intend to paint something and still want to keep your eyesight and/or sanity, so I am still plugging away at it even though her birthday was on Wednesday. :P Sorry, Grandma. If your old eyes can see it once I finally mail it to you . . . that'll be more than I can say for myself, 'cause I'm already half-blind! But I'll post an image on this blog once I'm done, 'cause this sucka is gon' be DOPE. No lie.

In the meantime, enjoy this piece I did for an art contest about Celebrating Human Dignity.

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